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What We Do: Open Source

Every technology we work with here at Quark Security is backed by Open Source Software. But we don't just use open source, we create open source software and contribute back to the community we love.

We firmly believe in contributing back to the community that has given us so much. Not because we have to, but because we want to. We make contributions to numerous open source projects, both as a company and as individuals. The list below shows a very, very small subset of our contributions to the community.

To keep track of our main projects, checkout these pages.

Our Bitbucket Page Our Github Page


We contribute or maintain a variety of Android-focused projects. We contribute to the larger projects like the Android Open Source Project and the Security Enhancements for Android project.

Beyond that, we've developed our own tool along the way such as our SE for Android policy build system, our customized version of the Heimdall for flashing Samsung devices, and our tool for mapping mobile devices to USB ports to aid in provisioning multiple devices concurrently.

Certifiable Linux Integration Platform

The Certifiable Linux Integration Platform (CLIP) is an environment for developing and deploying security-focused solutions. CLIP is something we're very proud of as we believe it solves a number of problems developers face; problems that are really just distractions.

The first problem CLIP addresses is providing a base platform with strong security features including a trimmed down Security Enhanced Linux policy. This allows developers to focus on securing the bits and pieces they add on top of CLIP.

The second problem CLIP addresses is integration. CLIP rolls installable or live media containing the CLIP core components plus the additional components added by the developer. This leads to a reproducible, full integrated solution.

Combined, the feature allows a developer to focus on, well, development.

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Other Open Source Interests

Everything we do doesn't fit cleanly into a specific category so here are some other things that might be useful to you, they are to us.